About MotoMove and Wayne

Looking for a Premium Transport Service? We don't just meet your expectations, we surpass them.


We are a Transporter of Motorcycles. For All Your Recovery and Transportation Needs,Trade or Private . We also transport many other items such as Scooters, Quads, Small farm machinery, furniture  ad infinitum and  we will always  discuss any other personalised work .


Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are MotoMove. The company was started by Wayne Calver who has over 30 years of experience riding, buying, selling and transporting motorbikes. He started this company to provide a unique logistical transportation  service predominantly for motorbikes but also for other motor vehicles and goods. Wayne has his own motorbikes as you can expect but has owned over 50 different bikes in his time and he cherished them all.

MotoMove are based in Kent but available for work across the UK. See a full list of our services below and contact us to schedule a booking.

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